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The Different Types and Effects of Domestic Violence


Each year, over 10 million men and women in the U.S. are subjected to domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined as any behavior that causes a person to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, or a family member. Hence, individual and group counseling may be recommended for both the offender and recipient.

As a provider of counseling services in Palmdale, California, we will discuss the different types of domestic violence and their effects:

  • Physical Abuse
    Physical abuse is the most common form of domestic abuse and might include hitting, pushing, shoving, and grabbing the other person. In other cases, it may include withholding physical needs like sleep, food, or medications. This can lead to external and internal injuries, as well as ongoing mental and emotional challenges.
  • Emotional Abuse
    Emotional abuse is identifiable from the actions and words the offender uses to embarrass or attack the other person’s self-worth. Offenders may also use direct and indirect threats to hurt themselves or their loved ones. Healing from emotional abuse takes time which is why seeing a psychotherapist is often recommended to guide the recipient throughout the process.
  • Financial Abuse
    This abuse occurs when the offender wields their influence over the other person to utilize their economic resources as a means to oppress them. This may be through limiting or denying the recipient of access to their funds or preventing them from working. This can result in financial ruin and trauma for the recipient.

Regardless of the form of abuse, healing from domestic violence requires the guidance of a therapist in California. Through counseling from providers like Mind Body & Spirit Counseling Services, the offender, recipient, and other family members can address their trauma to begin the journey towards healing.

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