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Symptoms of Depression You Need to Watch Out For


As a provider of personalized mental health services, we are experts in knowing the symptoms of depression. Here are the most common signs you have to look out for if you suspect someone is experiencing depression:

  • Having a helpless or hopeless outlook in life.
    This may be the most common sign of depression. Individuals feeling hopeless may also have feelings of worthlessness or self-hate.
  • Loss of interest.
    A person with depression may start to lose interest in the things that they enjoyed doing before. They might stop enjoying the sport and hobbies that they usually love to do.
  • Increased fatigue.
    An extreme feeling of exhaustion and a lack of energy can accompany depression that could lead to excessive sleeping.
  • Drastic changes in appetite and weight.
    Different people’s appetites may be impacted by depression. Some individuals may experience increased hunger and weight gain, while others may lack the desire to eat and experience weight loss.
  • Having issues sleeping.
    Over time, persistent feelings of unhappiness, despair, and hopelessness may be able to cause sleep issues like insomnia.

If you think a loved one is experiencing depression, consider letting them talk to a psychotherapist.

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