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How Do You Know You Have PTSD?


There are events in our lives that trigger an adverse effect on our mental health. These significant events keep playing in the minds of those with post-traumatic stress disorder and cause anxiety and panic attacks. If PTSD is left unnoticed or untreated by a licensed Therapist in California, it may worsen and cause more mental health problems for individuals with the condition and the people around them.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, as the term suggests, is caused by a traumatic event, either experienced or witnessed by the individual. A Psychotherapist can diagnose a person with PTSD with the right evaluation tools. A therapist will look into the symptoms of the condition before providing them with a treatment that is befitting to their mental state.

Some of the symptoms they look for include:

  • Flashbacks – Intrusive memories cause mental, emotional, and even physical distress, especially recurring ones. One may also dream about traumatic events that affect their sleep cycle.
  • Negative outlook – This includes negative self-perception, hopelessness, and withdrawal from friends and families causing one’s self-esteem and social skills to decline.
  • Arousal symptoms – These symptoms include being easily startled, paranoia, self-destructive behavior, concentration problems, and aggression. One may need Personalized mental health services to prevent them from harming themselves.

Counseling Services in Palmdale, California are made accessible to all to help individuals with PTSD get the treatment they need to cope with life.

Our Mind Body & Spirit Counseling Services professionals understand that life can hit us hard. For some of us, it hits harder than we can imagine. We can get back up with access to Community Services and Supports from the right people.

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